KAMI: Not just a pretty face



Game: KAMI (iOS, Android, PC)
Publisher: State of Play

KAMI  is a puzzle game originally released for iOS, and later for Android and PC in January of this year. It is developed by the same team behind games like Lume and the upcoming Lumino City.

The concept behind KAMI is simple: unfold paper squares to fill the whole screen with one colour. You can, of course, go on and on unfolding squares to your heart’s content until you solve the puzzle, but like a true gamer, you’d rather earn a “perfect” score. And in there lies the challenge: in order to get a perfect score you have to strategically choose which square to flip in order to finish the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. If you need help you can always use your Hints, more of which can be purchased if you need to (go for the Unlimited Hints pack — great value).


As they say, there is beauty in simplicity. KAMI’s Japanese -inspired, watercolour-drenched origami squares really are pretty to look at. The sound of hundreds of paper leaves unfolding is pleasantly soothing, especially at moment when you flip the very final square that solves the puzzle. Maybe I just find it nostalgic to hear the sound old-fashioned paper being flipped and smoothed out. I mean, it has been a while since I’ve read a real paper book.


The visuals are beautiful and the puzzles are hard. I just wish that the developers have added more to the PC version of this puzzle game. I expected to get more unlockable puzzles or new paper square patterns, maybe even better paper-flipping animation. I wouldn’t have minded paying more for the PC version if that meant more content. But, as it is, KAMI is still one of my favourite games to play when I want to feel smart and avoid work at the same time. It is definitely a more worthwhile time-waster game than this one, hands down.

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iOS (Released on Oct 10, 2013)
Android (Released on Jan 22, 2014)
PC (Released on Jan 23, 2014)

Images have been taken from KAMI’s Steam page. Video from State of Play’s Vimeo page.

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