Imagine Me (PC): Now where’s that game controller when you need one?

Imagine Me logo

Game: Imagine Me (PC)
Publisher: KinifiGames
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac, Nintendo Wii U
Release Date: March 14, 2014

How can you say no to a 2D dungeon platformer game described as “Spelunky mixed with Zelda”? That’s what Imagine Me developers have called their game in one interview.

The Story

Imagine Me - RobbeImagine Me is a 2D adventure platformer game in which you play as Robbe, an amnesiac who is determined to get his memories back by going through dark dungeons and fighting the dungeon bosses. There’s a bit of puzzle in there, too. For instance, in some levels you have to find a way to get a hold of the key to the locked doors. To avoid death, you need to stay away from spikes, and there are spikes everywhere. On the bright side: you get to jump on trampolines. Fun!

The Game

It is highly recommended that you play Imagine Me with a controller. This is what shows up every time you start the game. So, what did I do when I first played this game? I did not use a controller. I thought they might have adapted this game for PC play — meaning, with a keyboard. After all, how hard can a 2D platformer game be? Left and right arrows are for navigation; hit the spacebar to jump.

Alas! I should’ve seen it coming. After an hour of gaming, my fingers have swollen twice their size from hitting the buttons repeatedly. My poor spacebar! Apparently, jumping on trampolines in a room full of spikes is no fun at all. I find that there’s a bit of a lag within the game, that at times Robbe doesn’t respond quickly enough to my controls. I’m not sure if this is something the developers still have to smooth out, but this has turned me into a rage gamer.

The Art

The title screen does not look anything like the rest of the game. I’ve seen screenshots of Imagine Me before I started playing it, so I’ve already had a glimpse of what to expect. In the title screen you’ll find view of a dark, futuristic landscape at night. With the soundtrack playing in the background, this creates a soothing, almost dreamlike atmosphere. Yet the font used for the game title indicates a certain playfulness.

The actual game, however, looks coarse and undetailed, and I don’t mean this in a bad way. When I first played this game I wondered why Robbe’s face is missing. I also wondered why he’s wearing a gray onesie. Then I realized this is where the “playfulness” comes in. Now I’m fond of Robbe (clumsy as he is).

The Moment of Truth: Should you play this game?

As much as I would like to say that Robbe is a relatable character, I’m going to have to say that, well, he’s not. I think I would’ve liked Imagine Me more if I had not raged too much. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy playing it. The levels are hard enough that I still feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing them, despite of all the raging. So should you play this game? Not if you’re not going to use a controller.

Logo, trailer, gameplay video, and screenshots are taken from Imagine Me presskit. You can read Nintendo Life’s interview with Imagine Me developers here.

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