Hexcells Plus (PC): Minesweeper’s hot cousin

Hexcells Plus screenshot

Hexcells Plus logo

Game: Hexcells Plus
Publisher: Matthew Brown Games
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac
Release Date: February 19, 2014

If ever, in your childhood, you’ve had the chance to play Minesweeper on your old PC, you’re totally going to kill this game. It’s called Hexcells Plus, a game inspired by Minesweeper, and designed to look like it belongs to the 21st century.

The Game

Hexcells Plus is actually a standalone expansion to Hexcells. Hexcells Plus contains 36 puzzles. Instead of squares (as in Minesweeper), Hexcells Plus uses orange hexagons. However, unlike Minesweeper, these hexes do not contain mines. Your goal in Hexcells Plus is not to avoid mines, but to reveal a hidden pattern. The hexes that are part of this pattern are blue; those that do not belong to the pattern contain clues as to where the blue hexes are hidden. Left-click on the hexes you think are part of the pattern, and right-click on the ones you think are not.

The Art

The developer describes Hexcells as an “ambient logic puzzle game”. I see myself playing this game when I take a break from studying or after hours of staring at the computer monitor at work. I find that this game helps my mind relax a little bit. The dominant colours in the game are blue and yellow — bright but not harsh, pleasing but not washed up. Hexcells and Hexcells Plus use an airy sans-serif font in their text — beautiful, prominent yet not overpowering, light, yet very visible. I think part of what contributes to the lightness of the mood is the amount of whitespace used in the visuals. Your screen will never look overcrowded, despite of how many hexes there are.

The Moment of Truth: Should you play this game?

If you’re looking for a quick, straightforward, no-nonsense puzzle game to fill up your free time, go for Minesweeper (you oldie!). But if you’re looking for an upgrade, or maybe for something that will help you relax during your work breaks . . . something pretty and pleasing to the eye, why don’t you play Hexcells? I went straight for Hexcells Plus because it has new puzzles. You know what, though? Whether you play Minesweeper or Hexcells, I think we can agree that puzzle games never fail to turn our free time from a waste of time to a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Logo taken from Hexcells Plus official site. Game trailer and screenshots are from Hexcells Plus Presskit.

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